The Before 30 Bucket List.

This job search is really killing me. I’m still flicking cover letters and CVs left, right and centre… looking for employment suuuuuuuucckks. People tell me I can get a job easy (call centre, starting over as a junior content writer) but the next role I take is one I want to stay in for another few years. I don’t want to be stuck in a job that isn’t fulfilling and isn’t worth all the time and effort. It’s time to be careful with the next job I take.

In the meantime, I’m working with my mum at a food distribution company. It’s actually pretty sweet and is helping me pay the bills, but I still definitely want to use my creative ‘talents’ and pursue something in journalism/marketing.

To help stay positive (job hunting is friggin’ wearing me down), I’ve decided to create a ‘Before 30 Bucket List‘. This is my checklist of sweeeeet things to do before I hit the big 3-0. It’s really a way for me to make the most of life and take advantage of my youth and good health.

Please be advised, my bucket list does NOT contain the following:

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If you thought I’d include any of those in my list, giiiirrrlll/boooooyyyy you are cut from my friends list (just kiddin’!). But seriously, some of those bucket list tasks are lame as f***.

Some of my favourite bucket list tasks:

– Finish a colouring book.

Colouring book I got from fellow PRHG intern Christina for our Raro Christmas 2013.

Colouring book I got from fellow PRHG intern Christina for our Raro Christmas 2013.

Probably not one of the best bucket list tasks to start with (re: last sentence about lame as f*** tasks), but this one is like legit serious for me. Over the last 22 years, I have bought a great number of colouring books (yes, I still buy them to this day). With every book, I’ve NEVER completed every page. I colour in every odd fish/cat/mermaid/cartoon character, but never really commit to finishing the whole thing. At least I know I’ll be able to check off at least one task on this bucket list (lol).

– Explore the Pacific Islands (Samoa, Tonga, Tahiti, Niue, Fiji, Hawaii, Vanuatu)

To Sua Ocean Trench, Samoa.

To Sua Ocean Trench, Samoa.

Why travel thousands of miles to the other side of the world, when there’s beauty not too far from home? It’s always been my dream to explore the Pacific Islands, discovering how our Polynesian people live at ‘home’ and learning about the traditions and customs passed through generation to generation. As a New Zealand-born Pacific Islander, I believe it’s important to reconnect with my roots and really get to the heart of our culture. I’ve also always been interested in other Pacific Island cultures, and want to learn about the ‘way of life’ on islands such as Samoa, Niue, Tonga and Fiji.

I’m proud to say I’ve already ticked off a task on my Before 30 Bucket List, and this was completing Tough Mudder in April. It’s said to “probably be” one of the toughest events on the planet, where me and my team of superheroes muscled through 18.4km of hell that included a freezing ice-filled bath, two electric shock obstacles, a underwater cage crawl and the dreaded glory blades.


I found that while physical strength was indeed helpful for the day, mental grit and toughness was what got you through at the end. A ripped-as six pack doesn’t mean shit when you’re faced with jumping off a high platform into muddy water. All you have to think is mind over matter.

Our Tough Mudder Superhero team! We raised more than $1,500 for the New Zealand Fallen Heroes Trust.

Our Tough Mudder Superhero team! We raised more than $1,500 for the New Zealand Fallen Heroes Trust.


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