Island Night.

In any trip to the Cook Islands, it’s IMPERATIVE to immerse yourself in a cultural experience – and nothing is better than the ‘Island Night’ shows held around Rarotonga.


As part of my internship with Pacific Resort Hotel Group, I’m treated to a free Island Night show at Pacific Rarotonga – and it was well-worth seeing. The scrumptious island menu, friendly banter and easygoing Cook Island Maori tunes from the string band, and vibrant floor show from the dance group made for a fantastic experience of local culture.

This praise doesn’t come easy either. Growing up as a New Zealand-born Cook Islander, I’ve seen my fair share of cultural shows from a young age. It’s a common occurrence at haircuttings, family reunions, birthdays and everything in between.

It was fantastic to see that the dance group was largely made up of teenagers and were making an effort to keep in touch with their island roots.


Dinner was absolutely delicious! The Entree consisted of chilled watermelon otai (fruit drink) infused with ginger, Ika Mata (raw fish) and a taro crisp with rukau (taro leaves) dip, tomato and fresh coconut.

We had three choices of a Main Dish and I had the chicken breast filled with rukau, camembert cheese and pawpaw, with roulotte-style sauce and maniota wedges.


Dessert was also tasty and consisted of cinnamon banana spring rolls with ice cream, seasonal local fruit cheesecake and tropical island fruit salad.


If you want to see an Island Night show in Rarotonga, book your seats in at Pacific Resort Rarotonga, Friday Nights from 6pm.


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