“Get Free”

Almost two months into my Pacific Resort internship and I’m still blown away by the sun, sea, sand and scenery of Rarotonga. Of course this paradise wouldn’t be complete without the people (both local and from abroad) who call this island home. I consider myself pretty lucky to be surrounded by an amazing bunch of friends, who come from as far as Kenya and Switzerland, who enjoy the island life as much as I do. I’ve never felt lonely or supremely homesick since I’ve been here thanks to these guys, making my experience here (both working and social-wise) that much better.


Back in September as I was getting ready to leave home, I thought to myself, “Am I making the right decision?” I had a fantastic job as a Senior Content Writer at Castleford Media, which was an enriching experience with a fab bunch of workmates that I’m proud to regard as good friends. Since I was a youngin’ at high school, I always wanted to experience life outside the bubble of South Auckland. With my family, I’ve been around to many places around the north island including Hastings, Waiouru, Ohakune, Palmerston North and more, as well as the sports trips to Australia and the Cook Islands, but I’ve never really ventured out too far. After coming across this opening at Pacific Resort, I thought, this is my one chance to really get the ball rolling on my travels. While it may only be a four-hour trip from home, it was enough to put me out of my comfort zone because, 1. This will be the first time I’m living outside of my olds’ home (still a kid argh), and 2. I won’t be getting paid (Lord help me). There’s also the often-cited quote: “If not now, when?” At the age of 22, the time was ripe to make decisions like these.

The other reason I really wanted to pursue this internship is because it was the perfect chance to build on the marketing skills I had picked up at Castleford Media. I had never done any marketing papers at university, steering clear of anything ‘business-related’ since my experience with Commerce in high school (I absolutely sucked). Learning about content marketing, SEO and all that other jazz, however, piqued my interest and here I am in this internship. Marketing/writing career – here I come.

At this point, I can honestly say that pursuing this internship was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, both for career growth and finding the person I am/want to be. Major Lazer’s most recent album, Free the Universe, has become the defining soundtrack to my time in Rarotonga with ‘Get Free’ the number one track that best sums up my desire to start my journey, whatever it may be (career or travelling-wise).

Okay… I’ve poured too much career/life talk into my blog already, so sorry if you’ve read all the above and have been bored outta your brains. Onto some interesting (I hope) island updates.

This week is one of Rarotonga’s biggest events, Vaka Eiva, a paddling competition celebrating its tenth anniversary. The sporting event is most definitely a big deal, with all the scooters on the island booked out until December! Kiwi favourites Che Fu and Kora (churr) will also be making the trip over to provide some sweet tunes from home. Quite simply: Vaka Eiva 2013 will be rad. Other things to look forward to are the last Ministry of Sound DJ sets at Rehab by Pacific Resort’s resident muso and Deputy CEO Marcus “Mark Zow” Niszow, the ‘Masquerade’ staff party in December and the arrival of my brother Zeb just in time for Christmas.

Here are some pictures of the homeland to make up for the massive spiel of text.


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